My Past

After three years of valuable internship in Indianapolis, I set out in 1969 for the East Coast and additional education at the Boston Architectural College and a seven-year apprenticeship at the award winning, Frank Lloyd Wright influenced, firm of Huygens & Tappe’. After  gaining value added professional design experience, I was ready to take flight from the security of the 9-5.

With growing interest in sustainable/regenerative design, I joined Ecos, Inc., a small Newton, MA based alternative energy company.  After a year and a half of designing passive and active solar houses, using a multitude of state-of-the-art conservation technologies coupled with a growing love affair with Maine, I relocated to Portland.

Living on Peaks Island for eight of my twenty-three years in Maine, I worked in Portland at Fore River Co.  After eight years of additional valuable experience renovating many Old Port buildings into office and retail spaces, I relocated to my new harbor side office on Custom House Wharf and opened Sustainable Environments.

With growing interest in shifting my career into counseling and having met an NYC architect doing gestalt therapy with his clients prior to any design work, he encouraging me to integrate counseling with architecture, I started offering ‘Personal Environment Counseling’ as an additional service. In 1995 my long time friend, professor of architecture, Roger Richmond and I incorporated SpaceTherapy® as a consulting service for those interested in taking the ‘zero step’ in sustainability by putting to better use what they already had, thus reducing the consumption of more non-renewable resources.

By 2005, SpaceTherapy, Inc. had transcended into DwellRight – the SpaceBehavior Design, Consulting, Public/Keynote Speaker endeavor. To this day, I continue my interest and passion in how and why we become the spaces we inhabit.

My approach requires a deeper look at how people interact with and are informed by the built environment. Implementing this emotional/functional, psycho/social approach to design, my passion is in helping people (regardless of income bracket, project style or budget), live more peacefully, more productively, and in better harmony with self, each other, and the planet by dwelling in spaces that restore, renew, and revitalize their lives.

Contact me to schedule a free initial tele-conference. Consulting/coaching sessions can either be on-site or on-line.

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