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Wellness-By-Design Public & Keynote Presentations

As an “articulate, inspirational and provocative” advocate for my profession and the space/behavior connection, I combine comprehensive knowledge of principles from architectural and interior design, environmental and architectural psychology, neuroscience, PNI (psychoneuroimmunology), the ancient art and science of placement, advanced common sense, and over twenty-five years of professional experience, with insightful commentary on how easily we can Change Our Space to Change Our Life©. My passion and focus is on how positive manipulation of our personal environments can enhance behavior, performance, and our sense of well being.

I have presented experiential talks and workshops from East to West coast. I have had published several magazine articles. I also worked with my SpaceTherapy® business partner, Professor of Architecture, and world class 3D photographer, Roger Richmond, in the development of an Interactive Television Program on the profound influence of environments on behavior, and have been interviewed by Maine Public Broadcasting Network, Portland’s WMPG Radio, the Voice America – The Green Talk Radio Network, Portland Press Herald, Custom Builder Magazine, Portland’s Casco Bay Weekly, The Journal Tribune, and Dwell and Natural Home Magazines. I was also recently honored as a candidate to lead a transformational ‘House Whisperer’ series for a major cable TV network.

Based on your budget and your specific needs, I can design a custom presentation to fit your audience. The educational needs and goals of each organization are carefully evaluated, and experiential programs are prepared with age-appropriate narration. Programs are for adults down to a minimum age group of at least 9 years old.

Program presentation length can vary depending upon the nature and make-up of the audience, but most talks range from 1 – 2 hours and workshops from 3 to 5 hours, with additional time set aside for any Q & A depending upon the group composition.

For an audio demo of my speaking voice and style,
listen to this radio interview on The Eco-Logical Home:

The Eco-Logical Home is a weekly audio program about sustainable choices for your home and community. In a focused 15 to 30-minute format, host Terry Phelan interviews guests that practice ways to design, organize, build, and maintain healthy, comfortable, and resilient places to live.

Part 1 (20 mins.)

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A Partial List of Past Programs

• Architecture as a Health Resource, Architects as Healthcare Providers
• Space as a Gateway to the Sacred
• Environments for Possibility
• Beyond Feng Shui & Extreme Makeovers
• Manipulating Spaces – What We Do To Them and What They Do To Us
• Change Your Space, Change Your Life
• Energizing Your Home/Office for Good Health & Longevity
• Real Estate of a Higher Order
• Dwell in The Sacred
• Nest Building & High Performance by Design
• The Space, Scale, & Light /Behavior Connection
• Family Bonding by Design
• Creating Positive Change In Your Behaviors, Through Modification Of Your Environment
• Enhance The Dual Bottom Line Through Simple No To Low Cost Workplace Modifications
• Inner and Outer Ecology Becoming One With The Natural and Built Environment
• The Inner and Outer Ecology of Home Design
• Total Quality By Design and How Building Design Affects the Quality of Performance
• Journey To Home – The Art of Creating Supportive Home and Office Environments
• Architecture As A Yogic or Middle Path


Belfast Free Public Library, Belfast, ME
Blue Hill Public Library, Blue Hill, ME
Forbes Public Library, Northampton, MA
Jones Public Library, Amherst, MA
Camden Public Library, Camden, ME
Castine Public Library, Castine, ME


Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA
Portland’s History Docents Training Sessions in collaboration with Greater Portland Landmarks, & Maine Historical Society


MEBSR (Maine Businesses for Social Responsibility), Portland, ME
Living Earth Productions, First Parish Church, Portland, ME
CAFAM (The Chinese – American Friendship Association of Maine), Portland, ME
MIDA (Maine Interior Design Association), Waterville, ME
Greater Boston Chapter of the Unitarian Universalist PSI Symposium, UU Church, Wellesley Hills, MA
Augusta Mental Health Institute (Grand Rounds), Augusta, ME.
American Society For Quality Control, Portland Chapter
Portland Club, Portland, ME
Shelter Institute’s 25th Anniversary, Bath, ME
J.S. Kitchen & Bath Design, Gloucester, MA
National Kitchen & Bath Assoc., Radisson Inn, Marlborough, MA
National Kitchen & Bath Assoc., Bangor, ME
Princeton Community Center, Princeton, MA
Women’s Network, Worcester, MA

Real Estate Offices

Caldwell Banker, Los Angles, CA

Retirement Communities

Horizons 55, Lewiston ME
University of New England – Elderly Hostel Talk, Portsmouth, NH


Holliston Adult Education @ Holliston High School, Holliston, MA
University of Southern Maine, Portland
Portland School of Art, ME (now Maine College of Art)

Whole Health Facilities

Interface Foundation, Inc., Cambridge, MA
Listening Center, Barre, MA
All That Matters, Wakefield, RI
Body, Mine & Spirit Expo, Manchester, NH
Common Ground Fair, Unity, ME
Whole Health Expo @ Northampton, MA
Crystalline Matrix, Auburn, MA
Blue Hill Healing Arts Center, Blue Hill, ME
Agape Center, Portland, ME
Amethyst Point, Worcester, MA
Stiles for Relaxation, Portland, Oregon
Oasis Center, Tigard, Oregon
On Balance, Portland, ME
Flow Form Yoga, Worcester, MA

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Recurrent Evaluations for Terry Cline’s Talks & Workshops

1. Was this program what you expected from the course description?

“Yes – I didn’t know what to expect, but it satisfied my expectations.”

2. Did you gain ideas through this program that you will be able to implement in your work & life?

“Yes – am fascinated with space and nurturing as a combo. This is the first place that addressed the combination so clearly.”
“Mind opening.”
“Yes – the connection of consciousness and the subtleties of space are very powerful.”

3. Would you say the information and ideas presented were Excellent, Good, Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory?

“Excellent to Good”

4. Would you say the instructor’s presentation style was Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory?

“Excellent to Good”

5. What is your overall evaluation of the program , Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory?

“Excellent to Good”

6. What were the instructor’s strengths?

“Relaying his ideas, enthusiasm, bringing out participants ideas, helping us with our home or office design problems.”
“Knowledge, humor, enthusiasm”
“Imaginative, communicates well, good slides”
“Listens well and responds with creative solutions to class.”
“Receptiveness, flexibility.”
“Well prepared.”
“Wide range of perspective.”
“Interest in students”
“Wide ranging, coherent, visionary presentation. I especially appreciated Terry’s spontaneity.”
“Very exciting, thought-provoking, fascinating. I loved this workshop!”

7. What, if any, were the instructor’s weaknesses?

“Slides were good and would have been better with more verbal comment.”
“More handouts would be nice.”

8. Would you recommend changes in the content?

“Would extend number of classes or add a second advanced level class.”
“Lots of hands on planning.”
“Longer class.”
“More examples in using DwellRight techniques.”
“Add an outdoor ‘guided walk’ discussing the movement of energy.”

9. Would you recommend changes in the instructor’s method?

“More details.”
“Great as it is.”
“Would like to have had ‘homework’ type projects.”

10. Additional comments?

“Excellent! A course that anyone from left brained pragmatics to right-brained visionaries will both benefit from and enjoy.”

Inquire NOW about Public & Keynote Presentations

Basic requirements for speaking at your event

• As best possible, a space appropriately sized for expected audience
• A back drop as dark as possible behind presenter
• A podium that will hold a lap top computer and mouse pad (thereabouts)
• Proper length extension cord and projector cables
• Quality sound system suitable for the environment
• Quality space and podium lighting, with control by presenter during presentation if possible
• Projector and screen, Terry will bring his own projector as back up, and screen if necessary
• No clearing of dishes or other audience distractions during presentation

Book me for your event

If you’d like to book me to speak at your event, please use the ‘Contact’ link at footer to submit your request. Please provide the following details:

1. Date of event
2. Location of event
3. Name and web site of the sponsoring organization
4. Type and duration of desired presentation (90-minute presentation, 45-minute after dinner speech, half-day workshop)
5. Your topic preference(s)
6. Estimated audience size (number of attendees)
7. Your contact info

Honorarium Guidelines for Talks

These presentations are primarily for educational purposes. The main purpose for offering these programs to public organizations is to expose people of all ages to the profound connection that exist between space and behavior, and how easy it is to craft spaces that relax, comfort, heal, inspire and awaken – through affordable humane design, often at no/low cost.

Equipment maintenance and replacement, however, are ongoing real costs. Financial capacity, number of programs presented, and travel distance and expenses are the basic considerations for deciding on an appropriate and fair honorarium for all concerned.

$150 for a single “local” (close to where I live in Central Massachusetts) talk is typical, and a more substantial fee is usually requested for multiple showings or for out-of-state or long-distance overnight programs.

Talks are often offered free-of-charge or on a sliding scale if the organization has limited finances.

Often, only travel expenses are requested. Honorariums are always tricky, and I would generally never let it stop me from doing a presentation to a worthy group wherever they are… In any event all participants must be pleased and comfortable with the financial arrangements…

Because of the preparation required and time involved for a half-day workshop, there is a negotiable fee arrangement. Often a $65 +/- per attendee is suggested. The final suggested cost and host/presenter percentage split depends on many factors.

Inquire NOW about Public & Keynote Presentations

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