In Living

  • Are you yearning for an enhanced relationship with your loved ones and don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you realize your home is reinforcing the very patterns of behavior you’re hoping to change through coaching or counseling?
  • Do you have a room you never sit in and you’re not sure why?

I can help create a more supportive home sanctuary.

In Working

  • Did you just invest in a visually appealing renovation, and yet your office still doesn’t ‘feel’ right?
  • Do you work from home in a dysfunctional back room and would like a more supportive home office?
  • Have your business coaching objectives been fulfilled, yet office creativity is still down?

I can help achieve your bottom line.

In Learning

  • Do you wish your child’s teacher knew how to create a classroom that supports your introvert or your experiential learner?
  • Have you heard of the effective use of ‘virtual windows’ as a substitute for the missing learning-enhancement views of nature?
  • Are you seeking simple ways to facilitate appropriate learning options by creating well-defined learning zones?

I can help adjust classrooms to become more conducive to learning

In Health

  • Would you like to create a hospice space at home, using only what you have?
  • Are you praying for speedy recovery of your loved one and wishing their room were more conducive to healing?
  • Might you be eager to know how to increase a patient’s degree of control, thus reducing their stress level?

I can help increase caregivers’ efficiency and patient’s rate of healing

Are you ready to see your life prosper?

Frequently Asked Questions

Recent Kudos

  • Thanks very much, Terry, for the wonderful event.  It was quite experiential and felt very much like collaboration and dialogue rather than simply a presentation.

    You really put your heart and soul into the event.  We enjoyed our time tremendously.

    We will be sure to consider you for future design dilemmas, and will spread the word about the amazing personal environmentalist that you are.

    Thanks for your contribution to humanity.  As an Architect of Change, you are helping the world to be more at peace amidst this paradigm shift of awareness we are experiencing.  Good for you!

    Jim Arsenault Hubbardston, MA

  • I got help from Terry Cline of DwellRight.  He is a genius at creating an arrangement that fits how you want to feel in the space, and how you want people to interact.

    It’s more astounding than I can describe in words. This will sound crazy but I’ve sent 3 people to him and we’re all still talking about the impact. It’s mind-blowing.

    One person said the new home arrangement is changing the dynamics in her relationships at home. Isn’t that wild? I’m starting to sound like an ad so I’ll stop.

    Val Nelson Florence, MA

  • I have been working with Terry for the past several years. I can’t tell you how much better my home and offices are with Terry’s expertise, enthusiasm, energy and commitment to excellence.

    Rooms that I never used are now loved.

    Spaces that didn’t feel right, look right, or just did not work, are now desirable. Company comments on how they are drawn to my living room and dance space.

    My home did not reflect me nor support the behaviors I wanted to foster, encourage, and embrace; now it does. I can dance, play music, do yoga, lift weights, cook and sew.

    I have learned so much from Terry. I know that my environment plays a key role to supporting or not supporting who I am and who I am becoming.

    Becky Castro Northampton, MA

Public Speaking and Workshops

I have presented experiential talks and workshops from East to West coast. I have had published several magazine articles. I also worked with my SpaceTherapy® business partner, Professor of Architecture, and world class 3D photographer, Roger Richmond, in the development of an Interactive Television Program on the profound influence of environments on behavior, and have been interviewed by Maine Public Broadcasting Network, Portland’s WMPG Radio, the Voice America – The Green Talk Radio Network, Portland Press Herald, Custom Builder Magazine, Portland’s Casco Bay Weekly, The Journal Tribune, and Dwell and Natural Home Magazines. I was also recently honored as a candidate to lead a transformational ‘House Whisperer’ series for a major cable TV network.  See more here.

SpaceTherapy® Consulting

SpaceTherapy® is like a personal environment coaching service. The service was created to help you become more aware of the subtle ways in which your workplaces and homes are affecting your feelings, emotions, social interactions, behaviors, and thus your performance.  See more here.

Architectural Design

Representative residential and office projects, and a resort hotel from as far back as 1973, are each, in their own way, instrumental in the development of my career and the continuing value added interest in the profound connection between space and behavior, exploring the built environment as a health resource for all! All our personal environments are having a profound influence on our Physical, Psychological, Social, Spiritual and Global well being. There is a difference between a building and a sacred work-of-architecture!

My ‘Dog Man’ Stake in The Ground: I swear that my prime responsibility is to fundamentally and holistically advocate for spaces that promote physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and global well-being. By supporting, enriching, encouraging, and improving to the highest and best use, the quality of the user’s experience through the most meaningful spatial design within my ability, I invite you to join the list of happy clients!

See more here.

I am a Space-Behavior® Architect, Consultant & Speaker

terryMy career and interest in place and space started in boyhood with the making of forts and tree houses. Setting aside my artistic talents and a college business major, I drifted into architecture followed with an interest in counseling, all of which evolved into PlaceBehavior Design and Consulting (alias SpaceTherapy). Using primarily existing spaces and furnishings or renovations, additions and new construction; I have helped hundreds of satisfied residential and business clients co-create environments that truly support their goals for self, family, business and beyond. With satellite offices in Northampton, MA; Camden, ME; and Los Angeles, CA, I live in a renovated 1760s farmhouse, Blue Sky Farm, on 5 acres on East Hill in Central MA with a wife, son, cat, dog, two raw milk cows and an occasional owl and fox looking for more expected chickens.  See more here.

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